Nafasi za Kazi Registration Officer II – BRELA

Job Title:  Registration Officer II (5 Posts)
Employer:   BRELA
How to Apply: 
Deadline: 18th June 2019

i.Receive new applications, processing by checking correctness of information, including similarities of proposed names/logo, particulars of applicants, directors, Company Secretary, enter recommendation, including, particulars of Owners, Agent;

ii.Check correctness of specification of goods/ services and sending to IPAS from generating application number;

iii.Classify goods sent to IPAS for generating application number;

iv.Receive applications for name reservation and conduct  online search to determine actual similarities, enter recommendations and submit to the Authoring Officer for decision;

v.Receive various post-registration documents for assessment and ascertain corresponding payments of various fees payable to BRELA;

vi.Scan, Print and Stamp documents uploaded by customers through ORS ready for updating and approvals;

vii.Capture and attend New Application for Patents Trade and Service Marks from ARIPO and updating old files by processing to the system;

viii.Conduct formality examination by checking and identifying similarities of a Mark name; and

ix.Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the supervisor from time to time.


Bachelor Degree either in Records Management, Business Administration, Economics, LLB or its equivalent and must be computer literate.

Salary Scale According to Salary scale of BRS 6.

TAHADHALI: Usitoe Pesa kwa ili Upate Ajira