Nafasi za Kazi Network Operation- Nokia

Job Title:  Network Operation
Employer:  Nokia
How to Apply:  
Deadline: 18th June 2019
Ensures the management and supervision of managed and/or outsourced network infrastructure
elements or systems.

MAIN ACTIVITIES– Ensures the network performance analysis are carried out and initiates the resolutions of the
– Proactively detects and resolve network faults and incidents, informs Service Desk or
customers, using processes and platforms to deliver 24x7x365 monitoring of the infrastructure.
– Coordinates field operation activities to deliver corrective equipment, network and site
– Continuously ensures that best practices are applied and learnings from previous issues in
performance are capitalized and shared with peers; is also responsible for ensuring that relevant
decisions and actions are taken.
– Is the key contact for customer in its network management ; is responsible for creating,
maintaining and improving the relationship with the customer on a day-to-day basis : operations
review, escalation (if necessary), reporting

WORKING MODE– On a daily contact with the customer
– Works closely with the PM to follow the services to deliver
– Collaborates with Sales team in case of new services proposal

COMPETENCIES– Communication
– Consulting & Customer Business
– Support
– Network Operations
– Financial Management
– Partner & Customer Relationship Mngt
– Architecture & Solution Building

– Strategy analysis
– Business Model & Planning
– Business case development
– Market analysis
– Benchmarking & Best Practice identification
– Service Provider Marketing, offer management
& pricing

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