Ajira Mpya ya Ceramic Decorator / Designer

Job Title: Ceramic Decorator / Designer
Job Description
A qualified artist /ceramic decorator responsible for decorating products like tableware, tiles and ornaments by the use of various range of styles, depending on current fashions and the type of object they are decorating as per clients orders. The candidate is also expected to have experience in working with screen printing machines.

Tasks and responsibilities
• Apply coatings, such as paint, ink, or lacquer, to protect or decorate workpiece surfaces, using spray guns, pens, or brushes.
• Examine finished surfaces of workpieces to verify conformance to specifications; then retouch any defective areas.
• Immerse workpieces into coating materials for specified times.
• Read job orders and inspect workpieces to determine work procedures and materials required.
• Rinse, drain, or wipe coated workpieces to remove excess coating material or to facilitate setting of finish coats on workpieces.
• Select and mix ingredients to prepare coating substances according to specifications, using paddles or mechanical mixers.
• Clean and maintain tools and equipment, using solvents, brushes, and rags.
• Clean surfaces of workpieces in preparation for coating, using cleaning fluids, solvents, brushes, scrapers, steam, sandpaper, or cloth.
• Conceal blemishes in workpieces, such as nicks and dents, using fillers such as putty.
• Cut out sections in surfaces of materials to be inlaid with decorative pieces, using patterns and knives or scissors.


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