Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Director of Finance at The Tanzania Institute of Bankers, February 2018


The Bankers Institute of Tanzania is a professional bank organization founded in 1993. Its main purpose is to certify professionally qualified bankers in Tanzania.

Head of the institute. It is delegated to the Board of Governors of the Bank of Tanzania and the banks and financial institutions that sponsor the country. Therefore, the Institute is tasked to promote and develop an internationally renowned bank reputation for professional bankers, which should lead banks and other financial institutions to a reformed and competitive financial system. The institution's audit and banking sector is aligned with the Chartered Institute of Bankers of London (United Kingdom), Bankers Institute of East Africa and the Alliance of African Bankers Institutes.


1. Qualifications and experience
(i) Financial, accounting or related qualification.
(ii) A CPA holder or equivalent qualification issued by a recognized accounting office.
(iii) seven years experience in the related field.
(iv) Good knowledge of project accounting software.
(v) error-free math and analytical skills.
(vi) able to meet tight and short deadlines.
(vii) Excellent computer skills.

Age: not older than 50 years.

2. Personal attributes
(i) Technically strong, dynamic, insightful and influential leaders with the ability to act at strategic and operational levels.
(ii) Strong computer and communication skills.
(iii) Ability to withstand high pressure and critical decision making processes.
(iv) High integrity and openness coupled with a commitment to good governance.
(v) Energetic, highly motivated with a passion for excellence and innovation in pursuit of growth and business success.

3. Summary of functions
The CFO is a senior member of the Institute's management team and should report to the Executive Director. The selected candidate must perform the following tasks:
(i) The Chief Financial Officer will be the Financial Controller of TIOB and will establish close cooperation with the Executive Director, other senior executives and non-managers.

(ii) Managing the Institute's financial and accounting strategy to optimize the financial performance and strategic position of the institution.
(iii) A general audit of the institution's accounting function will be required to ensure efficient and cost-effective bookkeeping while introducing the appropriate financial guidelines, monitoring system and controls.
(Iv) contribute to the development of the Institute's strategy in all areas of operations, assumptions and decisions, where appropriate, and financial analysis and advises on all activities, plans, objectives and economic factors.

(v) Ensuring that the Institute's financial systems function properly and effectively, and support ongoing activities and future growth.
(vi) manage and develop a fundraising team and work with all of the institute's teams to develop businesses, formulate strategies and plans.
(vii) Ensure that the institution's budgetary procedures are timely executed, reviewed and finally submitted to the government agency for approval.
(viii) maintain adequate internal financial controls of TIOB at all levels of operations
(ix) will be the custodian and controller of the institution's funds, assets and physical financial resources and will advise on the timely investment of funds.
(x) It will make it easier to control spending to ensure that it stays within the approved budget.
(xi) To provide annual and annual financial statements in accordance with applicable accounting standards and any agreements with partners.
(xii) Ensure that the regulatory requirements of all legal bodies are met where appropriate.
(xiii) If necessary, manage corporate policies regarding loans, advances, acquisitions, and tax assessments.
(xiv) Create a high level of credibility and maintain strong working relationships with external parties, including clients and consultants.

4. Remuneration
This publication contains a competitive compensation package depending on the state of the institution and the service system.

5. Type of application
Applicants who meet the requirements of the work must submit a written CV including a detailed CV and copies of the relevant certificates by 28 February 2018 to reach the undersigned. Applicants must provide their contact information including postal addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. Landline and fax numbers). You also need to send two names and contact details of the referees, which can be contacted for reference.

Executive Director
The banking institute of Tanzania
10th floor, NIC Investment House
Samora Avenue / Mirambo Street
Source: Daily News February 13, 2018